-1x Short VIX Futures ETF

Fund & Index Description

The -1x Short VIX Futures ETF (Ticker: SVIX) seeks to provide daily investment results, before fees and expenses, that correspond generally to the Short VIX Futures Index (Ticker: SHORTVOL).

The Short VIX Futures Index expresses the daily inverse performance of a theoretical portfolio of first and second month VIX futures contracts that are rolled daily. The Index determines its daily settlement price from the Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP) of its theoretical portfolio over the last 15 minutes of the regular equity trading session.

Fund Data & Pricing
Net Assets as of 12/01/2023 $130.07m
NAV $34.78
Shares Outstanding 3,740,000
Premium/Discount Percentage -0.34%
Closing Price $34.66
Index Level 2185.76

Data as of 12/01/2023

Fund Details
Trading Symbol SVIX
Index Symbol SHORTVOL
Index Calculation Agent CBOE
Top Holdings
Description Shares/Contracts Market Value/Notional
VIX US 12/20/23 C27 29,500 295,000.00
CBOE VIX FUTURE Jan24 -4,458 -69,054,420.00
CBOE VIX FUTURE Dec23 -4,458 -61,030,020.00
Cash & Other 129,748,989 129,748,989.18

Data as of 12/04/2023. Cash & Other includes cash, other accrued assets & liabilities, & shares of money market funds that invest in U.S. government securities. Holdings are subject to change.